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[About Us]

Level5 Films is a London based production company committed to creating intelligent, commercially astute independent features and high-end digital media that appeal to a broad international market.

Established in 2009 by Steve Newton, Level5 Films is currently in development on an eclectic slate of projects that include the UK/Australia set psychological drama 'The Fear of Drowning', the ambitiously inventive London based portmanteau feature 'Standstill', 'Bollywood Dreams' a feature length documentary exploring India's growing influence on the world stage (as seen through the eyes of an aspiring Bollywood actress), and 'Under the Gun' a seriously sexy interactive internet drama serial that centres on a disparate group of city professionals competing for a place in the final of the European Tour of Poker.

In addition to the above, Level 5 Films, in partnership with India's Minni Productions out of New Delhi, now offer a comprehensive Production Service for UK producers looking to shoot on the sub-continent.

Level 5 Projects in Development

[iFeatures2 Submissions]

iFeatures2, the enhanced production initiative from Creative England and BBC Films, will green-light 3 feature projects in Dec 2012 with budgets of £350,000 each.

Level 5 Films will be submitting 2 projects to this very exciting development scheme and are currently looking to collaborate with a produced screenwriter on one of our submissions.

If you are a screenwriter with a demonstrable track record (whether you live in the English regions or London), meet all of the requirements as outlined in the
iFeatures guidelines, and feel that you have an exciting, fresh voice to add to the British Indie film landscape, then we would love to hear from you.

Take a look at the iFeatures page, then click through to our submissions page
here to register your interest with Level 5 Films.

We look forward to hearing from you.


[Latest News]

06.04.13 15:58
Have just wrapped on 'Scintilla' the futuristic sci-fi thriller shooting in the north of England for the last 3 months...

IMDB details can be found here:


15.05.13 16:10
Level 5 Films @ Cannes 2012

Level 5 Films will be in attendance at the Cannes Film Festival from Fri 17th May through to Tue 21st May.

If you would like to organise a meeting with Level 5's MD, Steve Newton, please get in touch via our
Contact page prior to the start of the festival.


85a Tottenham Lane
N8 9BE

t: +44(0)7989 570769
e: info@level5films.com

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